At Rise Up Psychological Services we recognise every child, teen and family is unique and take the interest to tailor our services to meet our clients individual needs.

Common areas we work with include: addressing attachment and relationship difficulties, developmental trauma, communication challenges, problems with soothing and self-regulation, impacts of social media, impulsivity, disruptiveness, anger and behaviour issues, unsafe and risk behaviours, difficulty making and/ or maintaining friendships, stress, anxiety and depression, children under 10 displaying sexual harmful or problematic behaviours, adjustment difficulties, grief and loss, parents feeling helpless, rejected, disconnected, or angry with their child/teen, or finding they are becoming more reactive than what they normally would with their child or teen.

We take the time to recognise and understand the quality of a child’s primary relationships and parenting as we believe this is a key determinant of the future psychological, emotional, and social development of children and adolescents.

Additionally, we support parents to build their emotional literacy, and that of their child or teen, so they can better connect with their child or teen, respond with empathy and validation, and help build their child and teen’s capacities for regulation.

At Rise Up Psychological Services, we are real in knowing parenting doesn’t come with a manual and it can be a roller coaster journey many parents are not prepared for or ill equipped to ride. We offer evidence-based parenting programs specific to different age-related groups both within individual and group contexts such as Circle of Security, Tuning into Teens, 1,2,3 Magic, and the Reparative Parenting Program.