We work with the broad spectrum of psychological challenges that face adults and those around them, such as: anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed by challenging situations, adjustment difficulties, grief, loss and bereavement, self-harm and suicidal ideation, relationship difficulties, sleep problems, and low confidence to name a few.

Thinking about whether you need to talk things through with a Psychologist?

We all hold great levels of inner strength and resilience, but sometimes what we can go through can leave us feeling knocked down, overwhelmed, misunderstood or unsupported, and lost. Taking the time out to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing and talk with a Psychologist can be helpful in many ways, especially if you are feeling like this or you are:

  • Experiencing overwhelming and uncontrollable sadness or worries
  • Feeling out of sorts or your perception of life is a little down
  • Having difficulty distracting yourself from recurrent and intrusive thoughts and find it impacts on your mood, behaviour and overall functioning
  • Finding it difficult getting out of bed or focusing on tasks you once use to
  • Acting in ways that you are unhappy with or regret
  • Finding yourself making impulsive and unhelpful decisions placing you or others at risk
  • At your wits’end trying to manage your child’s behaviours
  • Unhappy in your relationship, or feeling lost or empty
  • Becoming overwhelmed with stress in challenging situations
  • Finding it difficult to adjust from a relationship breakdown and cope with troubles with family and relationships.

We can assist by providing you a space that is focused on you, your needs, experiences, thoughts and feelings. We actively listen, validate your experiences and emotional expressions, ask open ended questions that prompt you to reflect, examine and question.

Our task is to help you identify your role in relationships, find better ways to have your needs communicated and met, and effectively navigate through relationship difficulties or breakdowns.

Rise Up Psychology can guide you to make informed choices and decisions, work through complex emotions or traumatic experiences, challenge and change negative behavioural and thinking patterns.

We can help build your positive coping strategies and self-confidence, and focus on personal growth, recovery, positive self-esteem and identity.

Asking for help is a strength and a step forward to a positive journey. Make it your journey. Arrange a time to talk things through with us.